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COVID-19 Notice: Due to the current coronavirus situation, all sessions will be held virtually or via phone.

Therapy Services

Whether you find yourself feeling confused and overwhelmed with emotions or concerned that you sometimes struggle to feel anything at all, individual therapy can help.  I work one-on-one with you to make sense of your experiences and find your path toward healing and growth.

Life can be hard and chaotic - sometimes you feel lost amidst the noise.  Maybe you're struggling to cope with anxiety and depression.  Perhaps you want to better understand how your past impacts you in the present.  Or you might feel you could use some extra support or guidance as you navigate some important transitions in your life.  Individual therapy provides a place for you to identify and grow your own voice so you can find a way forward into a more satisfying life.

Couples seek therapy for many reasons.  Maybe you want to communicate better, feel more connected, or rebuild trust after a breach.  In couple therapy, I help you and your partner identify and step out of negative relationship patterns so you can heal and grow together.

Relationships often start with the best of intentions.  You promise to love each other, to listen, and to always talk it out when you disagree.  But then life gets in the way and you somehow wake up one morning feeling frustrated, disconnected, and alone in your relationship.  Or perhaps you have an idea of what's gone wrong, you're just not sure how to set it right.  You find yourselves getting caught up in the same old arguments time and time again and it seems like they never get resolved.  It feels like you're stuck in a destructive loop.

We will work together in couple therapy to help each of you feel heard, understood, and valued.  When you are able to express your deepest needs, and respond to your partner's, profound connection is possible.

Couples preparing for marriage often have a lot on their plates.  From venues and guest lists to combining households, it can be easy to get lost in the chaos.  I provide premarital counseling to help couples refocus on their relationship and build a foundation for a healthy marriage.

I ask couples to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions for premarital counseling, with the option for more as necessary.  In these sessions, we'll tackle the big stuff - from family to finances and kids to religion.  Together, we'll explore and address any concerns you have and I can help you identify potential trouble spots before they solidify into negative relationship patterns.  Armed with a deeper understanding of yourselves and your relationship, you can build the marriage that you want together.

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